Akohekohe Magic (Hawaiian Honeycreeper)
Art by Allison Kufta

Akohekohe Magic (Hawaiian Honeycreeper)

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20% of all proceeds of this print will now go to @global_wildlife_conservation, which has a 5 star rating on charity navigator.

This is a painting of the crtically endangered Akohekohe or Crested Honey Creeper. Facts can be seen on slide 2  here! This is the final week of the wonderful #wildhearts2021 challenge hosted by amazing @midnightember and @rose.smiths.art. The theme was magic, which I forgot about until I was almost done, so hopefully the random crystals I did look okay.

I had tons of fun painting this one! I experimented with textures and am used some awesome brushes by @mlkirsimagi and @devinellekurtz. They are both incredible inspirations to me.

Thank you for all of your support!

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