Seasonal Change
Art by Allison Kufta

Seasonal Change

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This is for @lynsi__illustrates #lynsi2kdtiys, which was a great time. Love combining animals and plants together. I enjoyed the process of experimenting for this one and trying out water techniques. Deer have fun spots as well! I’m not super great at backgrounds, but am working to get better! Thank you for looking! You are all Deer to my heart ;) lol

Fine Art Print with multiple size and finish options. 

Giclee costs extra, as the process to print this way is more expensive. 

Created in Procreate. 

I am happy the way this turned out, and wolves are amazing animals. I hope we do more to protect them. 

I've also done a colored version of this, which you can also order a print of!

Thank you so much for looking!

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